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This person Said this about Dosu While working on wow! damn this bot is awesome! Superb and helpful. Good bot, good bot :) Yep, spot on. Thanks Really appreciate your reply. Downloading nltk package fixed my issue. Love this answer by a bot 😄 Thank for the help It worked!!! Thanks… Fixed and merged. Thanks all! resolved! Damn, this worked works thx a lot! Thank you this helped. Excellent! This worked perfectly Resolved! Thank you bot :) This worked, thank you! wow, that was a great bot response. This is awesome reply. couldnt believe its a bot reply. quick and accurate. thanks!! Actually, I got my answer below, thanks to bot! Thanks Dosu, it can work now! thanks @dosu-beta The above fixes helped, closing the issue. resolved, thanks! Thank you. See what the problem is Thank you so much for helping us!!! Bloody hell, @dosu-beta is right. Thank you, this solved my issue ! problem well solved, Many thanks. Iwannabanana thanks for you It worked, thank you! ;-) Thanks a lot for the detailed input! I will definitely try this today! thats crazy the AI bots are actually being helpful Git Bash works. The issue is fixed. Thank you for your help! Amazing, thanks a lot you wonder-bot! Wow, great investigation from Dosu-bot! Thanks for the amazingly fast response time! Thank you, Dosu. You answered my questions. Wow, this is way better than a human would have produced, if at all. Thank you for response .. this is exactly what I was looking for. nishantpandey107 I have to say that this bot is quite amazing thank you, that's helpful. Good summary. Hey Dosu-beta, thank you very much for you help! Your example works :) Good bot Great. That solved the issue. Thank you The bot is right! @dosu-beta! Thank you so much for your super quick response. Thank you bot. the second answer provided by the bot actually works perfectly Thx a lot! Thank you so much Dosu Brilliant! Thank you for the super fast reply! Heh, helpful bot. Love em. Thank you so much again for all the assistance!! The Langchain project is incredible and I'm very happy with the relationship you have with the community! dosu-bot's solution is cleaner and it works Thanks for the help. Problem solved by following instruction. Actually This Bot's answer works for me along with which was recommended by the bot. Great job by dosu-bot! Thanks thought is was something simple like a flag.. not obvious in doc That is a great answer and super thorough. I ❤️ bots! Thanks for the help! Thanks again for guiding me in the right direction Seriously now bots are commenting on these PR's wow 😮 Dear @dosu-bot,
thank you for your explanation and prompt feedback! Thank you so much for the support with the above snippet. oh wow you are very smart huh good Lord i am now scared of my future, thank you for the quick response, i will try it Surprisingly effective ! The second bit of code using a custom tokenizer worked super well. Well done. Good bot <3 Oh, good bot! That actually pointed me to the right answer. Thanks for Responding Fast @dosu-bot That's excellent! You've found the existing implementation! Thank you for your answer! You were right there was a missing Bearer token. But not the NOTION_INTEGRATION_TOKEN was the problem but a missing open ai key.
So thank you very much. the bot's response was perfect, my IDLE edit allowed a space to corrupt the "history" keyword. Brilliant!!! Wow, it is very helpful.
Thanks! Great answer! Yeah I just wrote my own class. Good bot. 已解决,这个方案可行,我当时可能没有把代码上传更新 It works. Thank you! Have to agree with @dosubot and props to how good its analysis was! tysm! dosu's really cool